Your place to sell—just about anything you want!

Each First Monday of the month since 1893, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, small business owners, sales representatives and local residents and families have all sold a wide variety of new and used merchandise at First Monday Trade Day. In fact, the average seller makes $250 - $1,000 per weekend.

Ideal extra income.

Renting a space to sell your stuff at First Monday is quick, easy and a smart way to make some extra money. There are outdoor seller spaces for Saturday and Sunday in the main flea market area, which is an ideal location to sell household items or to host multi-family sales. You can rent a table to display your stuff, and you can keep your spot in the reserved area if you’re interested in selling for more than one weekend.

For sellers who wish to become more permanent vendors, opening a booth can be an effective business opportunity. We offer open spots, sheds and other buildings to accommodate your selling needs, starting as little as $25.00 for the entire weekend.

Often new sellers use an outdoor space to “test-sell” new products for a few weekends and, if business is strong, decide to move to the reserved section at First Monday. Many of our sellers have been here for decades.

For more information on selling at First Monday Trade Days, call the Guest Services Office at 662.837.4051 or write  

Step 1

Read the new 2018 guidelines.

Step 2

Look at the map and see where you would to be located.  The Market is really identified by sections or categories of products.  The General Sales Area is located on front (West) side of the market and makes up about 60% of the total selling area.  The new and sporadic Yard Sale area is located in the center of the market just past the front gate entrance on rows 3 through 6 excluding the endcaps.  We also have a sizable Poultry and Livestock area, just to the south of the Main Gate.  The Dog Yard and is located across town creek on the east side of the market.  Hispanic food and items are on the south side of the market close the front parking area.  As you see on the map, we facilitate parking on three sides, making close access to the market possible.  The Market operates on the Saturday and Sunday preceding the 1st Monday of each month.

Step 3

Look at the appropriate sales page ( General Sales, Yard Sale, Livestock, or Dog Yard ) to see the rules and rates of each kind of vendor.  Concessions are different and have a different pricing structure because of the garbage and other things left on site as a result.  Please call the office at 662.837.4051.

Step 4

Call Allison at 662.837.4051 to place your reservation.  The Yard Sale and Dog Yard areas are first come, first serve only so all you need to do is show up early and pay the fee at the Main Gate.  

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy, you're up and running your own booth at First Monday Trade Day.  "The early bird gets the worm" so we ask that you are on your spot by 7:30 am and ready to sell by 8:00 am.  Good Luck and have some FUN while your at it.


On Site Items for Vendors:

  • Table Rental - $5.00 each per Weekend
  • Ice available at The Main Gate